Optomec direct-write aerosol jetting nozzles

The exit orifice may have a diameter ranging from approximately 50 to microns. In the flow guidance or annular aerosol jetting process, the atomized aerosol stream enters the flowhead via aerosol inlet 26, which is attached to the flowhead by adapter The deposition head of claim 2 wherein said chamber is cylindrical.

The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said nozzle is detachable from said flowhead. The Aerosol Jet Display Lab system is an ideal platform for developing next generation display products. YAG laser with no damage to the target. The nozzle preferably comprises a length between approximately 0.

The first chamber is preferably sufficiently long enough to develop a cylindrically symmetric distribution of sheath gas pressure about the channel before the sheath gas is combined with the aerosol. The emergent particle stream is then preferably combined with an annular sheath gas.

The aerosol may be modified while transiting through optional heater assembly 18, which is preferably used to evaporate the precursor solvent and additives or the particle-suspending medium. As in the configuration of FIG.

The emergent particle stream is then preferably surrounded with an annular sheath gas. The deposition head of claim 1 wherein said chamber is sufficiently long so that a flow direction of sheath gas is substantially parallel to a flow direction of said aerosol before the sheath gas and the aerosol are combined.

The particle size at which particles have just enough momentum to enter the collection probe is referred to as the cut-point of the impactor. The term mesoscale refers to sizes from approximately 1 micron to 1 millimeter, and covers the range between geometries deposited with conventional thin film and thick film processes.

The apparatus preferably further comprises a funnel attached to the tube for recycling large droplets of the material. Ultrasonic aerosolization is typically only applicable to solutions with viscosities of approximately cP, which typically comprise particle suspensions consisting of either small or low-density particles.

The micron orifice can deposit features with a minimum linewidth of approximately 5 microns, with a flow ratio of approximately 1. A further object of the extended nozzle of the present invention is to provide enhanced deposition characteristics, including but not limited to improved collimation of the jetted aerosol stream, improved focusing and reduced turbulence of the stream, and minimized particle overspray.

The use of multiple virtual impaction stages allows for increased densification of the aerosol stream as the flow passes through each stage.

Enhanced deposition characteristics are obtained by attaching an extended nozzle to the deposition head. The apparatus preferably further comprises an atomizer comprising a cylindrical chamber for holding the material, a thin polymer film disposed on the bottom of the chamber, an ultrasonic bath for receiving the chamber and directing ultrasonic energy up through the film, a carrier tube for introducing carrier gas into the chamber, and one or more pickup tubes for delivering the aerosol to the plurality of channels.

In this configuration, a cylindrically symmetric pressure distribution is obtained by passing the sheath gas through preferably equally spaced holes in disk centered on the axis of the head. The plenum chamber creates a cylindrically symmetric distribution of sheath gas pressure about the axis of the deposition head.

This also enables processing and diagnostic equipment to be placed closer to the deposition area and reduces the heat transfer from the platen to the deposition module. The carrier tube preferably comprises one or more openings. The figure shows ten linearly-arrayed nozzles although any number of nozzles may be arrayed in any one or two dimensional patterneach being fed by individual aerosol port.

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Optomec Aerosol Jet printing technology effectively produces 3D printed electronics. Learn More. Technology; Aerosol Jet 3D Printed Electronics Applications and Platforms.

This has been achieved by the addition of more nozzles to a print head or the addition of multiple print heads to a system. Optomec has a new Aerosol Jet Display Lab system Optomec is an additive manufacturing leader for high performance applications.

Annular aerosol jet deposition using an extended nozzle

* The Aerosol Jet Solar Print Engine in their back end manufacturing line is capable of processing wafers/hour. Optomec Can Now Print Touch Screen Displays. The benefits of the patented Aerosol Jet. ) Inventor Bruce H.

King Michael J. Renn Marcelino Essien Gregory J. Marquez Manampathy G. Giridharan Jyh-Cherng Sheu Current Assignee (The listed assignees may be inaccurate.

Goo. Jetting Your Way to Fine-pitch 3D Interconnects By Mike O’Reilly [Optomec, Inc.] and Jeff Leal [Vertical Circuits Inc.] A increases, thermal management may become a troublesome issue. Yes, TSV Direct Write of Interconnects The relatively large working distance (the distance from the print tip to the.

Optomec is a great example of company driving the cluster of technologies that make up Industry 3D printers will both perform the manufacturing in smart factories and technologies such as Aerosol Jet will enable the interoperability of machines to communicate with each other across the Internet of Things.

aerosol jet® printing system for high speed, non-contact front side metallization of silicon solar cells bruce h. king and stephen m. barnes.

Optomec direct-write aerosol jetting nozzles
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Optomec Aerosol Jet Series System review - 3D printer